Social Wellness in Retirement


Social Wellness in Retirement

Social wellness should be top of mind whether you’re approaching retirement or already retired. Social wellness refers to nurturing yourself and your relationships. It can provide you with a positive social network that improves your self-esteem and overall quality of life.

It might also lead to better sleeping and eating habits. Social wellness may also help you ward off loneliness, which can take a toll on your mental health and increase the risk of chronic illnesses like heart disease, depression, and Alzheimer’s disease. In honor of Social Wellness Month, we’ve created a list of ways you can practice social wellness in your retirement years:

Join a club

Many clubs cater to people with various interests, hobbies, and beliefs. Whether you join a book club, choir, or sports team, you’ll be able to engage with other like-minded people. A club can also help keep you active while giving you a reason to get out of the house.

Bond with children

If you’re fortunate enough to have children and grandchildren, make it a priority to spend time with them regularly. You’ll be able to enrich your life through meaningful play and conversation while enjoying the perspective of someone in a different stage of life.

Get a pet

Studies show that pet ownership can help people reduce stress levels and improve their health. If you don’t have a pet, it may be time to add a four-legged friend to your family. While a pet does come with responsibility, it can do wonders for your social and emotional wellbeing.

Exercise at a gym

Do your best to engage in at least 30 minutes of physical activity each day. You can join a gym or fitness center to meet new people and develop strong relationships while walking around the track, practicing yoga, or taking a dip in the pool.


Find an organization you believe in and donate your time through volunteering. Not only will you feel good about giving back but you’ll also connect to others with similar passions. Consider volunteer opportunities at a local soup kitchen, animal shelter, park, or disaster relief organization.

Consult your financial professional

A financial professional can help you review your financial situation throughout retirement and determine the ideal strategy for your unique goals.

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